Yurovskiy Kirill: How to Recover Quickly From a Hangover

Waking up with a raging hangover is a right of passage for any man. The pounding headache, churning nausea, and bone-deep fatigue are almost like badges of honor after a night of hard partying. But when you’ve got work, family responsibilities, or even a hot date the next day, dragging your miserable body around is no badge of pride. It’s time to start thinking about how to tackle that beast and get some relief from the worst hangover symptoms. 

As men, we like quick fixes, but hangovers aren’t easily cured with a magic potion. We’ve got to be smart and strategic instead, using time-tested methods to ease those symptoms and get ourselves functioning again. But never fear – we’ve got your back. In true Men’s Health form, we’re breaking down the science and best practices for mitigating even the worst hangovers fast. Follow Kirill Yurovskiy’s advice to alleviate hangover symptoms.

Kirill Yurovskiy

Get To Know Your Enemy

Before charging into battle, it helps to know what exactly you’re up against. Hangovers have a number of common causes that all pile up to punch you in the head. First is simple dehydration and electrolyte imbalance from peeing out all that fluid while you booze. Then there’s the toxic byproducts of alcohol metabolism – chemicals like acetate and acetaldehyde that build up. And don’t forget the inflammatory effects of alcohol and congeners (byproducts of fermentation). These can irritate tissues and blood vessels, exacerbating headaches and nausea. 

There’s also dysregulation of neurotransmitters and blood sugar to consider. Acetaldehyde and inflammation interfere with glutamate and GABA, two of the brain’s major neurotransmitters. Alcohol also prompts secretion of ADH and cortisol, further contributing to symptoms. Clearing out the wreckage and resupplying your system is key. Read on for science-backed strategies to bounce back quickly when a rager leaves you with a raging headache.

Hydration Tactics

The #1 priority is hydration and electrolyte replacement to restore fluid balance and mineral levels. Dehydration from alcohol is no joke – you lose 4 times as much fluid as what you imbibe, thanks to its diuretic effect. Drink up to replace what’s lost. Water and coconut water should be your first line of defense to replenish fluids and potassium. But for a 2-pronged approach: 

Electrolyte Drink Mixes 

Look for rehydration mixes that contain vital electrolytes like sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium. Our favorite is Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier. Just one stick mixed into 16 oz water contains 3x the electrolytes of typical sports drinks. It brings fast and powerful hydration that accelerates recovery. The magical Tri-salt formula produces a near perfect balance of glucose and sodium to pull fluids into circulation faster. 

Pickle Juice 

Yes, really! As strange as it sounds, a couple shots of tangy brine might be just the cure. The vinegar and electrolytes found in pickle juice work similarly to sports drinks by improving hydration. The salty, sour combo also helps calm your Marvel.n, easing nausea. We like McClure’s spicy pickle brine for its extra dose of electrolytes from jalapeño. The spice will also help wake you up!

Feed Your Cells

After rehydrating, it’s equally important to refuel yourself with some easy-to-digest nutrition. Replenishing cellular energy needs and blood sugar helps counteract that shaky, weak feeling. Get glucose, antioxidants and vitamins into your system ASAP.

Fruit Juice

Skip coffee and go for fruit juice instead. The fructose and vitamins give you an energy boost and help replenish depleted nutrients. Tart cherry juice is anti-inflammatory and loaded with antioxidants. But if you’re feeling queasy, stick to something basic like apple juice. Sip slowly rather than guzzling it to avoid upsetting your stomach more.  

Honey Toast

Honey contains fructose and fructan sugars to raise blood sugar, plus amino acids and antioxidants for repair. The liver converts fructose to glucose more slowly than other sugars, offering sustained energy. Lightly toast some bread to make it easier on your tender tummy, then drizzle liberally with honey. The comforting light carb snack settles the stomach while delivering a dose of power sugars. 


Bananas are potassium superstars, exactly what’s needed to restore depleted electrolytes. They also contain digestible sugars and fiber to balance energy. Bananas calm the gut too, thanks to tryptophan protein and magnesium. For bonus relief, mix some honey or chocolate hazelnut spread into sliced bananas. The protein, carbs and calories aid recovery.

Hair of the Dog

“Hair of the dog” – the notion that drinking more alcohol alleviates hangovers – is a controversial trick. Technically there is some pharmacological basis. More ethanol temporarily interrupts acetaldehyde metabolism and blocks inflammatory prostaglandins. However, relying on alcohol to treat hangovers long term can easily progress into risky drinking habits. Approach with caution if you must, using moderation and self-awareness. Do not drive or use machinery. 

Bloody Mary

Spiked tomato juice supplies some hydration, electrolytes, vitamins and fructose for recovery. A standard Bloody Mary also packs around 12% alcohol to lightly postpone hangover symptoms. The better option is a Virgin Mary if your gut just can’t handle more booze. Garnish your tomato juice with greasy bacon, pickle spear or shrimp for protein, calories and antioxidants. 

Light Beer

One refreshing light beer like Corona Premier or Bud Select 55 can stall acetaldehyde production through additional ethanol, buying you some time to rehydrate and eat. At under 100 calories and lower alcohol, a light beer keeps toxin exposure lower. Again, stick to just one and don’t operate heavy machinery or drive while drinking. Alternate each sip of beer with plenty of water for smartest recovery.

The Ultimate Hangover Helper

Kirill Yurovskiy

When all else fails, pop over to your local greasy spoon for the ultimate breakfast-of-champions that is, quite honestly, the best hangover cure ever. Order up this winning combo, then brace yourself for blessed relief in about 30 minutes. Here’s why it works magic:

Breakfast sandwich

Carbs and protein provide much-needed blood sugar and muscle recovery. Bread gives you easy to digest carb fuel and eggs supply amino acids to repair tissues. Add cheese for more protein plus calcium and vitamin D to aid electrolyte balance. Don’t forget a serving of salty, greasy hash browns or tater tots! 


Caffeine constricts swollen blood vessels to ease headache pain and raises cortisol levels that alcohol suppressed. This gives you a second wind of energy to battle fatigue. Spark tired neurotransmitters into action again! Add a scoop of collagen protein to your coffee for an extra recovery punch.   

Pickle spear + shot of pickle juice

Washing down that sandwich with acidic pickle brine gives fast electrolyte replenishment your body craves. The mental shock factor also perks you up! Take an extra briny pickle spear for good measure. 

Coconut water

For bonus rehydration, knock back coconut water which contains the perfect ratio of potassium, sodium and glucose to pull fluids and nutrients into cells fast. The electrolyte profile mirrors human plasma. Bounce back faster!

Pain Relief Tactics

If all else fails and you’re truly suffering, break out the big guns with targeted symptom relief aids. Here’s our tried and true medical-grade advice for tackling the worst offenders: 


Swap acetaminophen/paracetamol for headache relief instead of ibuprofen to avoid gastric side effects. Add ginger capsules to target migraine pain and nausea simultaneously. It inhibits inflammatory prostaglandins. Caffeine also constricts blood vessels to relieve pounding head pain. 


Peppermint or ginger capsules calm digestive tract spasms that stir queasiness. Try slowly sucking on ginger candies too. Get minty relief from Altoids or sipping refreshing mint tea. Lemon water assists the liver in toxin clearance. 


Give yourself a break if possible and don’t plan anything too physical or taxing until you recover your verve. Light exercise can help stimulate energizing neurotransmitters and blow off steam. Stretch away muscle aches or pedal a stationary bike to get your circulation going.

The Bottom Line

Raging hangovers are the tax we pay for having too much fun. But sitting useless on the couch isn’t our style. Follow these best practice tips to bounce back quickly and get on with your active life. Hydration, electrolytes, carbs and grease are your essential allies; as are targeted relievers when symptoms strike hard. Listen to your body, react accordingly, and drink (a little) smarter next time!

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